Am I annoying him?

I like this guy and we hardly ever talk at school because he is always surrounded by friends. But this week I talked to him 5 times on face book (over the course of like 4 days). Then at lunch on Thurs when most of the lunch room left I was sitting at my table with the people I normally do he came and sat by us for awhile and talked to me (it was a lame convo about the table) and then he left our table. But that night I tried to talk to him and he never answered me. Now I'm scared to talk him because I think I might be annoying him. I'm afraid that every time I try to talk to him he says to his friends "ugh she is trying to talk to me again"

Any help?


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  • Wow! You have a weird situation going on. If you really feel that way I'd say, do him the same way! If you talk to him and he ignores you, when he tries to talk to you just give a *hmph* and go back to talking to your friends. But let him talk to you every once in a while.

    Hope it works,


    P.s. Let me know what happens. ; D


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