Would I seem desperate if I asked him to come over after he told me he just wants to be friends?

He told me that im a real cool girl but he just wants to be friends and that he doesn't want to be in a relationship. but i really want to hook up w him and i miss him. He took someone else to his semi formal last night too. would i just be setting myself up for disapointment?


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  • Yeah. If he told you that, you should respect it. Unless the reason on why he don't want to be in a relationship is something you can't change. But if he meant that he don't want to be in a relationship with you.. then don't hook up with him, maybe you're just not his type or he have a girlfriend alrd...


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  • Since you have these pre-existing feelings about him , asking for a hook up would only make them grow stronger.
    You will really allow yourself to be even more crushed.
    Let him go.
    You will eventually get completely over him.


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  • Yes you would seem desperate, you are throwing yourself at a man that isn't interested in you. You're wasting your time and should accept the rejection and the friend zone. Being delusional and appearing desperate will not garner you the outcome you desire. Dignity and self respect are priceless commodities that should never be frittered away under any circumstances.


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