I feel guilty for dumping my cheating ex?(No I'm not a troll)?

I know she's sorry, she still wants me as a friend, but I just can't do it but I feel guilty for refusing her friendship but she hurt me real real bad which has taken me nearly a year to get back to normal. She may never cheat again, but I'll never know for sure.

I loved & respected her as a person, now I've lost respect for her & I feel thats a real shame. She does have good qualities Im not doubting that but she's let herself down. We had potential to be best friends (at least) for life, but now I just feel like I was an option to her. Now im not in her life she will just seek another guy for attention & probably doesn't even care that im not around anymore. Maybe im being arrogant? I mean if I refuse her friendship why should she care if im around or not? I'll never know how she really feels.


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  • I would be the same way dude. Once betrayed it can't go back to the days before it happened and like you said trust has been shattered and I personally don't allow myself to be someone fool but once. It's hard to go from someone's SO to being friends or it is for me


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  • Very true, if you're to stubborn to forgive her and not realize we all make mistakes and people can change, then you wouldn't be much of a friend anyways. So...

    • Cheating is never a mistake. It's a choice.

      Don't feel guilty man. Nobody understands what kind of pain you're going through and nobody ever will. If it's that bad then it is best you move on and never contact her again. It's not worth the emotional turmoil. You will be okay. Hopefully she won't hurt anybody else.

      There's no rule that says you have to be friends with your ex under any circumstance. Let alone being cheated on. Don't worry about what she thinks of you, just keep moving on with your life and things will get better. You don't need her friendship.

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  • Man I can relate. These questions can't be answered so easily. For once like in my own relationship, I don't know. I feel for you , goodluck


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