Is it ok to breakup?

I jus want to know tht is it ok to breakup over a small issue which can be resolved over calm long discussion. I mean what to do if other partner not want to communicate after this small isue which is nothing merely jealousy by gf?


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  • just for the basic fact that a partner does not want to even discuss solvable issues tells you a lot of this persons character. that disinterest is all I need to know that this person is the right one to share my day with, even if was just a friend. That shows nothing of a friend what so ever.
    so my answer is definitely Yes it is OK !

    • correction "person is NOT the right one"

    • M feeling used nd throwed by him. It seems my presence or absence has no meaning!!
      Thank u fr uranswer 😕

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  • If your partner won't discuss the issue and won't co-operate and it is a serious issue to you tgen yes. A key part of a relationship is comunication and respect. If they dont see it as a big deal andd you do then ut will only escalate as the relationship progresses.
    If you could elaberate on what the issue is i coupd give better advise on what to do, but i think if you feel strongly about it and they dont seem to care, then that is a whole new problem on its own.

    • Yes the problem is he brokeup with me 2 days ago. As i asked him to contact less his female class fellow. They r on whatsapp calls etc. by hearing this he became angry nd said tht he dont want to continue nd he dont love me anymore. I tried to explain cried nd begged tht dont do tgis we can solve this issue but he said tht u will not understand nd he will not going to leave her. We r not teenagers. Again last night i called him saying sorry nd he said tht i dont love u anymore nd stop calling me. Again i cried but its of no use. Thts y m asking can a relationship ciuld be broken because if this jealousy issue? I admit i get jealous easily as i luvd him frm my heart 😌

    • Get rid of him. Relationships should not be hard. If he's off talking to otherr girls, then he doesn't care for you. Simple. Do it right back to him talk to other guys flirt with them ignore him. And see how upser he gets.

    • Thanks a lot. Feeling much better now
      God bless u

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  • If you don't want to be in the relationship, then be assertive and express that. If it isn't fulfilling for one reason or the other, then that's completely okay, everyone is entitled to leave a relationship they don't want to be in.

  • Yes if you think breaking up is the correct thing to do!

  • It usually depends on what it is.
    But If the minor issue keeps being repeated all the damn time in every argument, then yes it's okay to break up.


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