Any chance I can get my Ex girlfriend who dumped me 2 months ago and right now I am in 90 day no contact. She is seeing some other guy too?

meet online and dated for 4 months and had great moments but suddenly everything change. She stopped showing interest and one night she called me and said we need to break up. Then for 1 and half month I begged her and even said lets stay as friends with benifits. I told her if it's the distance she said it's not distance she just don't want to be with me any more. She told me she is seeing another guy which she hooked up before we dated. Right now I am in not in contact with her from last 26 days and she texted me twice. First she asked how i am doing now a days and when I didn't replied, she texted "Alright I underatand that you are still angry with me. But if you need to talk, you know how to reach me " what does this last message message mean. I still want her back in my life. I am working on my self and taking social skills classes and into improving my self. Guys and Girls please reply me and any peace of advice will be appreciated. Right now I am in 90 day contact rule as my social skill coach told me not to contact her until I finish the course. We both are still Facebook friends. I really want to get her back but honestly I am not doing this for revenge or something. I just felt connected with her and love her more then any thing. I am ready to go to any extent to have her back.
Please please my friends help me and tell me what to do. Thanking in advance


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  • my advice will be to just move on with your life. You are holding on to this dream in your head and not reality. She hurt you bad and you feel she has changed enough to take her back. what makes you think she wouldn't do this again? She moved on from you so easily and with stealthy cruelty.
    You said great moments were shared. That was all you wrote as positive about the relationship. I wouldn't want anybody back that did this.
    I am sorry you are wasting your time counting the days to contact her again and fool yourself that this is the person you need back in your life. you are hanging onto a lost dream that has no future of ever working out.
    I will give you credit for listening to that very valuable advice of no contact, however rather than thinking of it as a goal to get through. I would just move on and forget about her.
    i have been there man and I kept shutting my ears to others that saw what I was too blind to see. I felt "This time will be different" or "she didn't do me as bad as it sounds".
    but no matter how I manipulated the facts to my blinded desires. the fact remains that you are in this position for a reason. caused by a cold heart'd person who thought nothing of hurting you to be with someone else better or at least at the time in her mind until that fun ran out on her.
    So contacting you back because she thinks you are just that desperate enough to forget about your own morals long enough until someone else comes around for her to play with.
    taking her back will be pathetic man , Plain and simple.

    if you want help to get over her i will help you. but i am not going to waste my time if your mind is closed to the idea. hope to hear from you.


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