Why would my husband talk to a separated women from work, for hours everyday?

He recently dumped me and our two kids and he spends hours talking to a fellow separatee.
is there something going on between them?


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  • He dumped you and his two kids, and is spending hours talking with women who are also separated. Do I have it right? And you are asking if there is something going on with them? Amd I being punked? I mean, seriously, nobody could be seriously asking that.

    The neighbors dog is in heat and every night our dog disappears for hours. Coujld our dog be doing the dirty with the neighbor's dog? I am clueless.

    • He says I'm delusional for thinking he's at it!

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  • He probably relates to her at the very least. Which could easily lead to a relationship.


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  • Not necessarily. It could be two individuals enjoying having a chat.


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