Guys, Did he have sex with this girl?

So my ex now we were together for 3 years through high school of course we had a dramatic relationship lol but he was loyal and I don't think he cheated we were each other's first time and we'll after we had sex for the first time things went downhill I got too clingy and he fell back anyways we broke up a few times and got back but recent we had a problem he took a uber home with a GIRL COWORKER and supposedly the uber guy got confused and dropped him off at her house he swore nothing happened I ended it with him and he was mad as much as I was about everything anyways I found out from the girl herself nothing happened and that he has been nothing but a good friend to her and that he has checked up on her but that's it we been broken up for a month now and during that time he went to her house again to talk they waited in the lobby but I don't know he has been talking to me saying he swears nothing happened but I was like I don't know he wanted to have sex with me and like be with me but I was like wait a fucking minute haha help me out here guys why is he all into me if he seems to be happy single? Did he fuck that girl?


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  • I don't think he wanted to be single. You broke up with him over nothing. To be honest who cares if he is now fucking the girl or not. Your not with him anymore so he can have sex with whomever he wants. Your jealously pretty much ruined the end of the relationship.

    • But the uber thing what if he fucked her then we were together

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    • So he says he never fucked her should I believe this

    • I don't see why you shouldn't he hasn't done anything based on the info you gave to not get the benefit of the doubt. But if you can't get over it there is no point in trying to get back together in the future.

  • Forget him and move on. It is the best for you.


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