How can you tell If your ex regrets ending things when they've not directly told you?

Is there a way to know If your ex partner still has feelings for you, regrets breaking up with you or wants you back without them directly telling you?

I keep getting a feeling thats how it is from my ex but he hasn't directly mentioned this to me and is also very stubborn so i dont think he would anyway.


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  • Funny you should post this. I'm going through the same thing. I'm reading into his actions more than anything and it contradicts what he told me he wanted. We spent the entire weekend together and it was like nothing ever happened. No drama. So I know exactly how you feel. It's a combination of intuition and actions. I would just go about doing your thing and if he's not ready to let you go, he'll let you know. But also try not to read too much into things. Let him come to you and show you.

  • I'd say if they are constantly still talking to you, initiating things and wanting to know about your personal life then there's a chance.


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