Why do I still have feelings for my ex boyfriend after what he did to me after he broke up with me?

On September 14, he broke up with me out of the clear blue because he couldn't see himself marrying me and then went into great detail telling me about the dream he had of the girl he was going to marry. He asked me to just be friends and I said no because it was too soon in my opinion to go from lovers to friends in the same day after being together for a little over a year. So for the next two weeks he was so persistent with wanting to be friends, he even called me on one Friday night, he was drunk, to go out and be with him. He was crying while talking to me and it turned out that he was seeing another girl and he broke it off with her and he felt lonely and needed a friend. I said no to going out to see him due to how late it was and he continued to beg me due to him not having the money for gas to come get me. After I continued to say no, he then stated that he found money and was going to come out to get me. I told him no and then hanged up on him even though he was crying, though it didn't sound like crying. Then the next week he was asking me to take him back and I said no. He then called me that Friday night to talk to me, but it was 10 o clock and I was tired so I hanged up on him. I felt bad and tried to call him on Saturday, but he didn't answer. Then Sunday came along and I found out that he was dating someone two weeks after he broke up with me, they are in an open relationship and he had sex with her a few days after he met her (he went into great detail explaining to me about the sex he had), and that he had several one night stands two days after he broke up with me due to me being difficult with him. He also told me that his new girlfriend has made him purr more than I ever did sexually, to be honest it didn't take that much to turn him on and it's nice to see that he only cared about having sex and not a relationship itself.
Not only that, but the reason why he called me drunk before was so that he could hook up with me. He told me that
he could hook up with me. He told me that he was miserable with me, I hate everything about you by three days grace described how he felt the whole relationship, he told me I was a burden, and he ultimately never believed anyone would side with me.
Meanwhile, I treated him like a king and paid for everything that involved us while he was unemployed. It took him until I told him to d
delete my number for him to do so.
I just don't understand why he acted like this and why he would say those things when his actions meant otherwise. I haven't talked to him for the past three weeks and I've been doing a whole lot better. It just hurts me knowing I wasted a year of my life with someone who was using me the whole time.
Please help me understand and there is more to the story. Thank you.


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  • Sounds like another pathetic guy who wants break up but eventually climb back to the dumpee and start BEGGING.


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  • Because he was your first.

    • Sadly he was. I don't hate him, I'm just so disappointed in him.

    • I knew it. My guess is always right. Every girl is whining about her fucking first wether in life or online, about how disappointed she is or how she hates him or anything. And yet you can't get him out of your mind, even bring him up during your knew relationship. I once lost a girlfriend because of her fucking first who was getting between us all the time and the bitch instead of sending him to hell she supported him. Then you wonder why some guys prefer virgin girls. Simply because once we took your virginity we can almost do what we want with you.

    • I'm sorry that happened with your one girlfriend. Trust me, I would never dream of siding with my ex due to remembering how he was.

  • I'd read it if you learned to use paragraphs.

    • I know how to write paragraphs, I was copying and pasting from one of the blogs that I had written and the computer was giving me a difficult time.

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