Guys, Through a man perspective what is going on?

I was going out with this guy at work we dated about 4 months.4 amazing months I met his family and he met my mom. He was super into me but he didn't write to me for 3 days and he wrote to me saying a lot happened through the weekend he was having family problems and that we needed to talk about us. He might have to move back to Nevada (he moved from Nevada cause his mom was sick ). When I seen him at work he hugged me and completed me but he looked completly drained and like he's been crying. I tried to talk to him on break but he was giving me short answers. When we texted I told him I'll be there for him and if he wanted to leave he could but he said he didn't know if that's what he wanted. He didn't know what he wanted. Next day a few people came to me saying sorry about the breakup so I texted him saying if he was already saying we broke up than he got what he wanted but that no matter what I could never hate him and I'm praying for him. He unfriended me on everything and that was the last day he showed up to work. His friends say he moved to LA and that he still speaks of me postively but he said he didn't have anything to give me and he didn't want to hurt me.. I'm still hurting all I want is some closure why he was telling people we were over. He has yet to write to me and its been 3 weeks. I don't know what happened we were so happy. Is he ever going to write to me again. 😕He had became distant with his friends as well. He's 25 and I'm 20


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  • I am there for her when she needs to talk to me anymore and I am not sure what to do with her anymore because I am not making her feel


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