Ex boyfriend blocked me? Then unblocked me, Now I'm confused?

In June me and my boyfriend ended things and he said he couldn't have me as a friend on Facebook as its too hard to have me on there as a friend as doesn't want to see my activity on there, so he unfriended me, but we began seeing each other until August... So we had a major argument back in August... He screamed at me and then blocked my number on everything... Then on Saturday he had blocked me on Facebook... Which I thought was odd as he can't see what I'm doing anyway on there and we haven't spoken... So I just had a gut feeling today and felt the need to ring him.. Just to see if I was still blocked as I thought I would be.. And it turns out I'm not.. He had unblocked my phone number but blocked me on Facebook which I can't understand.. As he would make a conscious decision to unblock me and to my knowledge I have been blocked up until August and I had tried to ring him after that.. So my question is.. Is he trying to get s reaction from me?


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  • Dear sweet woman... I hope you are making strides to move on with your life.
    You need to space yourself from the neurotic compulsions you have been having to think about him and Facebook stalk him.
    It sounds to me you are still lingering on some hope that you both at some point may get back together...
    If he blocked you to begin with you can trust it was for a reason... Even if that reason makes no sense to you.
    It's possible that he might have been playing mind games trying to get a negative reaction from you, but when someone starts blocking you out of their life and doesn't want to have anything to do with you... This usually is a pretty good indication it's over, which leaves a very small window of options to choose from with them.
    I'm just going to make a wild suggestion... There are many lonely good hearted guys out there, ones that will make you laugh and feel good about yourself... Why don't you focus your energy on pursuing other interests...
    So it didn't work out with this one guy... There are so many other guys out there that would be ecstatic to meet you and get to know you or be your boyfriend... Trust that!

    • I understand all of that.. but my question is why block me to unblock me.. It has been such a long time in which we haven't spoken so why unblock me now?

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    • that was quite harsh

    • Listen... just move on. Its clear you have an obsession, let it go.
      I'm sorry if you consider this harsh... But he's not knocking at your door begging you please to talk to him... Let go

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