Girls, Why does my ex unfollow me on instagram but not other exs?

We broke 4 months ago. We did not talk, and moved on with our lives. One month ago she contacts me because a fuckboy broke her heart. She wanted to talk to me and she asked me to text her regulary because she felt lonely. One month later she unfollows me on instagram after not chatting for 3 weeks. I only texted her three times (on 3 different days) after she texted me. I ask her what is going on. She said a new guy she is dating does not want her to follow her ex. That's fine except that she still follows her ex before me and the fuckbody that I mentioned in my original question. She does not explain why. She says "whatever."

She said she unfollow me because we are done. This does not make much sense to me.

I guess this is what I get for dating a girl not woman.

I want to know what others think about the situation why the girl is acting this way.

ps. she is from south Asian but her 2nd language is English because she lived in England with her mom when she was little and has gone to international schools, and loves western culture like Kim Kardashian. I felt like she is hiding something or there is some culture difference.

I think she unfollowed me because I don't live in the same country as her while her ex still live in the same city as hers.

I took this situation hard because she said that I was the only guy who really loved her.
Her other exs cheated on her or treat her like trophy (not love).

She is from a country where is cheating is very common.


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  • Sorry man, but she sounds like she just used you to dry up her tears and moved on. The fact that she came running back to you after her failed relationship and then took off again after finding someone else, it really makes it crystal clear that she's just an abusive person.

    I wouldn't waste another second thinking about her, because she certainly isn't thinking about you.

    • Yeah, I think it just runs in her family. Her dad left her and her sister, grandparents and aunt (They all lived in one mansion) She does not even know if he has started a new family for sure. And her mother left her family long time ago and went to England. The girl said she does not really have any connection with her mom.

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