Am I doing the right thing?

There is this guy I dated and long story short he ended up cheating on me. I was really heartbroken and he shattered my self confidence and my trust issues have increased.
Recently he messaged me saying he wants me back and that it was a huge mistake he broke it off with me. I felt really guilty and he made me feel like I wasn't the victim but he was.
I have a new guy and because of this cheating I have trust issues and I don't believe any compliments he tells me and it sucks to be honest.
As for the ex I told him I would get back together with him because like I said he made me feel like I was the one who cheated. So I decided to let him go yesterday and I'd still be his friend because he gets depressed so my question is was it right for me to be selfish? I couldn't go back to my ex but now I'm scared this might lead to him doing something crazy like suicide. I'm just confused and don't know what else to do.


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  • step 1. cut off all communication with your ex
    step 2. remove all reminders of him from you life.
    step 3. allow time do pass while u heal then grow.


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  • Cut ties completely with him. He made his choice by cheating by being his friend you're leaving a door open to keep feeling hurt and betrayed. Not your fault he has depression if you're worried because he's said he's going to kill himself ring his mother and tell her what he said. Block him from anything and move on with your life. Give your boyfriend a chance it's ok to take time to trust but believe what he says to you and don't punish him cos of what your ex did

    • My current guy understands how I feel because he was cheated on in the past so my thankful he's taking my side effects the right way. As for the ex I guess it's the right thing but everytime I try he makes me go on a guilt trip :/

    • it sounds more like emotional abuse. If he cared about you he would accept he messed up and leave you alone. Instead he's trying to tear you away from someone else to go and do the same thing again to you. You're much better off without that kind of drama. Enjoy what you and your guy have now and let the block emotional drain of your ex

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