Why does my ex still connect with my family on FB?

Me and my ex where together for 2 years. She left because she felt right now she needed independence and to prove to herself she can live and be on her own for once. Was not a bad breakup. She wanted friendship but told her I couldn't do that. Maybe down the road. So I removed her from all social media.

a few weeks later she added me as a friend on Facebook. I accepted a week later. Then me and an old ex became friend. After that the current ex started acting rude and ignored me. Blocked me and deleted me. Then a week late unblocked me.

Now ow I notice she likes and has commented on a cousins Facebook status and photos. She said she "misses them and her kids" she was never really "closely to her either. Why is she liking their stuff and satin she misses them and the kids?


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  • Probably to either check up on you or make you feel self consious about why she is doing this

    • Does this mean she still has some sort of feelings? I feel if I where "done" with someone.. I would not be commenting or liking their family's stuff. Even if I was close to them.

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    • We were together for 2 years.

    • Because you guys dated for so long so there is somewhat of a bond with her and your family

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  • All women are like this... they LOVE mind games.

    Stay safe. Ask your family to block her


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