Is he really that insensitive or just doesn't care?

The guy I'm seeing has upset me a couple of times and when I confront him about it he acts like he has no idea what his done. The newest one is him going away in a week and has only told me now he had it booked before we meet but I find it totally disrespectful like he couldn't care less. We're not official yet so I can't exactly say anything. But I'm so drained all the time because of him and I just want to give up. What would you do? I just want to tell him what I think of him and be done but I know how much I like him it's not going to work that way.


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  • If you're feeling this way no it is only going to get worse. Bad match do yourself a favor and move on. Trust me, I've stayed through something like that in the beginning. He hung around because I put in effort but he always took me for granted. When guys meet a girl they are crazy about they aren't able to hide it.

  • You should leave him.


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