Girls, what should I do, I can use some good advice?

Hi everyone, my name is Chris and I am having a difficult time right now with a girl I am deeply in love with. She showed me things I have never seen or felt, she makes me happy, and I accomplish things better when I was with her.

She is now my ex-girlfriend and it was because of me but mostly because of her family. I can't sleep sometimes, I sometimes don't have an appetite, I think about her all the time and I built up anxiety because of this. My family & friends see that something is bugging me, but I try my best to deny that nothing is wrong and I make it up by putting a smile on my face. I now truly understand how a heartbreak is and it is a complete disaster.

We both broke up twice; the first time her family made us break up and the second time was because of me. Her family hates me except her mother, and I am banned from seeing my ex. I can't hang out with her anymore. I can't pick her up anymore or be around her neighborhood. When they made us break up, we got back the next day but we only hung out about once a week in the afternoon after she gets out of school and maximum, only like for two hours because she would make up an excuse of staying after school. No weekends, no nights, nothing like we used to do. If her family never interrupted our events and relationship, we would still be together to this day.

Well out of the time we were undercover and together, I got clingy because it really sucked just to see her once a week. I wanted to talk to her family to sort things out, but they never wanted to hear me out. Her father wants to hurt me also. My ex got annoyed because of this and she broke up with me and just wants to be friends now. Also, I believe her sister found out about us, gave her advice, and changed her mind to leave me. She was actually the one who made us break up in the first place. Even though were friends, my ex ignores me and doesn't want to see me anymore. I know I had some cause to this, but it's all her family's fault.


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  • Firstly, let it hurt, don't put on a mask. Feel everything. It seems terrifying at first, it will be, but after a few very-very bad lows, it will start to get better and better. If you want to get to the next stage of your life, this is the only way.

    Really, is it all her familiy's fault?
    When it comes to relationships, it can get nasty.
    When we exit dreamland, we need to face reality: problems can make or break a relationship. Here was a problem you had, quite a big one. She had to chose between you and family. She chose family. If she really wanted to make it work, she could've.

    • Hi spielerinn, thank you for replying.
      Yes, I believe it was her family's fault and I blame it more on her sister for being so noisy.

      My ex wanted to make it work, her mother agreed for us to be together still, but her father and noisy sister didn't, gave me ex their advice and I think now she took their advice. I also became clingy and frustrated about the situation and I wanted to speak to her father, but he is being so stubborn he doesn't want to speak to me at all. No one stays mad forever, but looks like they still are.

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