Would you break up with a girl for your crush?

Me and my girlfriend aren't doing well in our relationship mostly because..

It's an online relationship and I don't have anything but her kik, she won't call me or even add me on Facebook just text me. I have heard her on video kik talk but that's it...

She asked me if I was cheating because I'm obviously not interested in this kind of relationship and I told her no

Then she asked me if I had a crush on anyone else I said no but that's a lie, I do and I know her in real life not over kik and I was thinking if she started liking me would I break up with my current girlfriend?,

I honestly don't know I think I might simply because I've only seen 2 blurred pictures of my "kik girlfriend"

Would you Break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend for your crush?
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  • I am Not opposed in any way, shape or Form of Being in an Online relationship. I married a man a few years back who found me on FB and off to Cairo, Egypt I jetted where on my second trip Back... We tied the knot.
    However, we Started out on Fb, then moved to Skype and did face to face, so I knew it was Him I was talking to.
    You have Nothing but a voice and even with everything else, she is Not making an effort on her own part to Keep her Partner happy here, dear.
    I believe it is time to sign out of kik and move on to someone else. Even if the 'Crush' doesn't work out, you can easily meet others who have even more to give and Be.. Up close and personal in the process.
    You can't continue on a whim and a prayer to hear a voice but know she is Just.. There in a chair.
    Good luck. xx

    • Are you sure she isn't just saying "I am suicidal" to keep you there with her? She needs help if so, and you can't stay glued to her side forever if you want to move on.. You need to tell her to talk to her family and get help... you are young yet. xx

    • Yeah I need to move on but I don't know how to tell her

    • Tell her that your folks forbid you to be in any kind of relationship, that your studies are suffering and they want you to concentrate more on that right now... This is NO relationship or way for a nice guy so young to have to live.. you can't See her face, just have this voice and it is nothing but a Wave relationship. xx

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  • HELL THE FUCK YEAH! Of COURSE! If you find a girl you can actually kiss and touch and be around you for chrismas than yeah! Why not? I would trade any relationship online for a real one! I mean it would matter more because its more real! lol yeah just drop this girl! She not worth it and IRL love is more amazing.

    • I bet it Is I wouldn't know I'm In an online relationship and I think I'd feel bad cheating I don't know

    • Then break up with the online girlfriend and talk to the girl u are interested!

  • In your situation I wouldn't even be with your girlfriend, no matter if my crush liked me or not, because even you admitted that you weren't into that kind of relationship, and the fact that the two of you don't even know each other, and aren't getting along just adds to it. So I picked C.

    • Yeah I know but I don't like hurting people she may not have anyone on her real life but I don't know... She won't discuss it with me

    • I don't think breaking Things off are going to be as bad as you think. Just explain to her that the relationship you are in isn't what you are looking for, and you think you should end things. You could also add in how the two of you aren't getting along as well, and you don't think that you're a good match. Plus, it won't be awkward because you will never see her, or have to talk to her again. And I don't think that she will be all that hurt, chances are she knows it's coming.

    • Yeah I guess it won't be bad since i won't see her but I don't know how she'd take It

  • You're not happy in your relationship so why stay?

    • The girl I'm with is suicidal so
      I'm pretty much nailed against the wall here

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    • I really hope she's not... Because if I were to actually date my crush and she went in my phone and saw my text with my "girlfriend" she'd definitely get the wrong idea quickly

    • I would just tell her that she's a great girl but online dating doesn't seem to be your thing and you would rather be friends.

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