Can you guys please help? My ex contacted me yesterday? What to do?

Yesterday my ex who broke up with me almost 2 months ago sent me a text yesterday. We were together for 2 years. It wasn't a nasty break up. She just felt she needed space and to explore her life right now. She started off just asking a question about mail. Then went on to tell me she is sorry for being a bi***, and letting me know our cat was doing better. (was sick after her moving out). She asked if I wanted to hang with her and mutual friends this weekend.

I do do still care for her and love her, but how do I know she isn't just trying to say sorry to make herself feel better? Or is she actually sorry for being a bi***? I am also not sure if she is just doing this so if we are around each other it is so awkward. Is she actually reaching out to try to gain friendship, maybe she still has strong feelings? Didn't see this coming. Not sure what to do! Any help would be nice. Thank you.
I asked her if we are ok? She said it seems like it. Confused what she wanting? Just a friendship or is she missing me?


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  • "to explore her life right now. "

    Dude, what that essentially means was that she realized she didn't want to saddle down yet and dumped you and then went around riding as many dicks as possible and now that she's finished/ tired of that she wants provision and protection again.

    Essentially the alpha fucks beta bucks scenario where you're the later. Anyways don't do it, dude.

    • This is how I feel. Like you wanted to just go out and be single.. fuck as many dudes as possible and then come back when no one fit my place. I am not sure what to do with her. I'm mature and just want to let her go. But my heart says to see how things go.

    • Follow your brain dude. If you follow your heart you may be well in the shortterm but longterm you're gonna suffer.

  • I say forgive and try to test the waters again

    • I feel like she would really have to prove she wants to get back and is seriouse about it. I do want to try again. Maybe I should.

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