Why guys hide about his new relationship?

We been in a relationship for 8 months and there's a reason that we had to broke up ( not because we not loving each other anymore). And after that we still be friends. We still talk almost everyday, he still ask me for help with little stuffs. Sometimes we still delivery foods for each other. But after 3 months i found out he kinda have interest on a girl. I asked, he said no. And now i knew he went to Vegas with her, saw on her snapchat she holding his hand, kissing him, and staying over his place, i didn't ask him about it but my friend did. He got mad and said leave his personal life alone. He said he not talking to anygirl or has new girl and it's non of us business even if he has new girl. I kinda shock because i thought we're friend now and why he has to hide. After that we haven't talk anymore. So why does he hid it for?


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  • Because he wants to have you around and thinks that with you knowing it may push you away. OR he doesn't know its a for sure thing with her, kind of like using her company and her affection, but doesn't take it seriously.


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