How can his feelings change so quickly?

My Boyfriend and I were on and off for two years. Within that time he cheated on me and got another girl pregnant. He said that he doesn't love her and he loves me. I had a great relationship with his family and he always spoke about us in the future term. As of one month ago he and I moved in. Everything seemed great until this past Sunday when I arrived at his mother's home after having one drink earlier that day (I had that drink while I was eating at a family reunion). He accused me of smelling like alcohol and being drunk. I apologized to him and he sent me home and he did not come home to sleep he stayed at his moms home. Monday came along and I called and left apology voicemail. Tuesday came and he had moved out all of his things while I was at work and he blocked me off of Facebook. How can someone who said he loved me and wanted a future with me, change so quickly and so drastically?


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  • um why would you want to stay with him after he cheated on you. he obviously is a loser and has commitment issues or is just plain immature. It doesn't matter if he said he loved you. Words are cheap. He left you once, shoulda known he'd leave you again. fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

    • You are so right... you know sometimes we need someone without any involvement to tell it like it is. Especially right now that Im sulking about it.. But your opinion gave me strength to move on.

    • it's hard to move on but you deserve better. :) best of luck!

    • Thank you!! I am doing my best to think positively and move forward. Its my first break up so I am having a hard time adapting to it.

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  • He sounds a bit unstable, or he was just looking for any excuse for a cheap cop-out and took this one and ran. Regardless, better off without him.

    • Thank you for even responding!
      I agree... His mom actually called me yesterday and told me that he had told her that he had to do it because since I don't have children I don't understand him when he wants to go see his daughter and that I would eventually resent him. Also his mom said that he doesn't know what he wants and that he needs to mature.. I guess being 28 years has not allowed him to mature... My intuition tells me that it has to do with the baby momma.. Maybe he can't handle having a girlfriend and a baby momma but like you said regardless, I can't continue to waste my time on him... Plus I was having trust issues since he had to be in constant communication with the baby momma. Its just hard to move on when you love someone.

  • I can't understand how or why someone is so desperate to be with someone who is "on off". He left, again. He's probably knocking up someone new. Move on alone so you aren't desperate to be with losers.


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