Girls, Texting your ex back, is this the right time?

Hello everyone :) ill try and keep this short and sweet and i would appreciate it very much if you kindly give me your opinion. So as you can see my question related to txting my ex girlfriend. Bassically its been just over a year now since we broke up (i broke up with her). The reason behind this is that at the time i was living in Germany and i had left to come back home to Ireland to start a career in the Army ( its a career I've always wanted and they didn't recruit for a long time). A recruitment opportunity came up and i took it. The few months leading up to when i left i was flying back and forth for the recruitment process. We always talked about how everything would be okay when i left etc. But i knew deep down in my heart it wouldn't have worked. I never stopped loving her and felt it was the right thing to do. I just wanted her to be happy. The breakup was nasty but i did it for her own good. I left her thinking about her. So lets get to the point. By the way she's German ;) A few weeks ago it was her Birthday so naturally enough i sent her a simple Happy Birthday message on FB. That was fine all and good. Recently it was my Birthday and i had hoped maybe she would do the same. To my surprise i actually did receive Birthday message but unlike mine she sent me a personal message. Now usually she would write to me in German but again to my surprise it was in English. I thanked her for the birthday wish plain and simple not acting overly joyed or anything but it did put a smile on my face. I really want to get in contact with her again. As it turns out im actually flying to Germany in little over a week and would like to see her, only thing is im actually afraid to write to her. I thought about her every day in recruit training 17 weeks finishing next week. So i guess is this the opportune time to try and restablish contact? Especially how she wrote a personal message. Is she trying to send me a sign? Please help :) Killian.


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  • There is still a hope for you two
    Dont screw it !
    Be gentle and nice and do it right away.. anytime is the right time just do it quick !
    Wish you guys best of luck


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