Why Is My Ex Girlfriend STILL Mad At Me After Almost 2 Years?

My ex & I had a relationship of 2 years but broke up because i cheated on her for 3 months. We stopped talking and i didn't hear from her for 2 years until 2 weeks ago. She reached out to me & told me she would've contacted me sooner but me & her boyfriend didn't like each other so she couldn't reach out until he broke up with her in August. We are working on being friends again but sometimes she brings up the good times we had as well as the fact that i cheated on her. What i can't understand is why would she still be mad about that after 2 years & falling in/out of love with someone she said she loved more than she loved me when we were together? She moved on into a full relationship for 2 years & dosen't love me anymore but is still mad?

Something is not adding up & i can't see it.


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What Girls Said 1

  • You're looking at affairs of the heart in a logical manner. "She loved someone after you, more so than she loved you => therefore she still shouldn't be upset by the wrong you did." Sorry bud, but the heart is not logical. Just because someone new comes into the picture, it doesn't negate a past pain. Obviously being cheated on by someone she loved cut her deeply. She needs to address that pain on her own to resolve it or else it'll live with her forever. And as long as it still hurts, she's gonna be angry at you to some degree or another.


What Guys Said 1

  • Get her out of your life asap. Love and all that BS is for the movies. Women are SICK manipulators and play disgusting mind games.


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