Will I get my boyfriend back?

I started dating a guy my senior year of high school. He feel for me really hard and I didn't feel the same about him for a couple of months. I finally did. I was his first love but he wasn't mine. But he's my favorite. We were very similar and just fit together so well. We never left each other's side ever. He was very suicidal and depressed when we met. He told me that I showed him how to live again. He always was a afraid I would leave him for someone better. He was a lot more popular than me in high school. He used to party and do tons of drugs. Everything caught up to him and he broke down that's when we met. A month before we went to college he tried breaking up with me twice but came back right away each time. He told me he would never leave me and that I was the most perfect girlfriend for him. I taught him so much about the world. I took him all over to places he had never been like Chicago and Portland. Each day I feel in love with him all over. Then he went to a college two hours away from me. For the first month everything was fine then he started pulling away from me. He started partying nonstop and started self medicating. He smokes weed at least once or twice a day to help cope with the college pressure. He also does Benadryl speeder psycodelics and so on. I always told him to live his life and hang out with people and that I would be here when he was done. I never complained once about the partying or drugs. He broke up with me a month ago. He said he stopped loving me and that he couldn't handle the guilt of partying and having me and that he didn't deserve me. He even started hanging out with all his old friends he said he never wanted to see again. They're bad influences. He never cheated. I know that for sure. I'll be at the same college as him in the fall. His friends all like me & have helped me rather than him. I know we're young but I want him back. I haven't spoken to him in a month. Does he miss me? Is there a future? I know this isn't h


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  • there's a future alright... a future of worry but be glad.. it will be a short one. Throughout that really messed up fairy tale... all i saw was a girl that wanted the best for a guy that had a death wish. Honey, its harsh... but move on.
    the only way you can match him is to pick up his behavior and you apparently don't want that.


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