What is the matter with my ex? Why will he not just get it?

I've been with my ex for 2 years and few days ago I told him we needed to break up. First of all we had a fight during the summer and he ended up ignoring me for 3 months. During those 3 months I understood that if we were to fight again then he would probably ignore me for longer. While he ignored me I met this cute guy and we hit it off instantly. He is just very nice and so similar to me its weird.
But now the ex Is back and he is being all chatty to me and he keeps on asking if I am seeing anyone else or am I being with anyone else. And he texts me first like he cares. I told him I was sorry but it wasn't going to work out. Partly due to him living with his mom and I said we could never move in together cos he wouldn't and she doesn't like me. And now he wants to have a chat tonight about this. What is the matter with him?


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  • well... for
    1. "... we needed to break up..."... needed? really? thats not specific
    2. "we hit if off instantly"... isn't that how the first one started?
    3.".. due to him living wit..."... well.. thats just on you. do you live alone?

    bottom line, the ex is a given, he's Gotta go, im more worried about Mr. Instant there... i Used to be that guy...
    In my honest opinion, i'd say ditch em both, but at the very least... the ex gotta go. and if you need a way to say it... its really short too.

    • It's not that we hit it off instantly. What I meant was we go on very well from the start. Like there wouldn't be many awkward moments and I would always laugh with him. This new guy is sort of shy also. I rent out a room. Ps the ex is over 25 and has his mam looking after him.

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    • But food is always good ;)

    • always... just watch closely is all.

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