I miss my ex so much. Is anyone else feeling like this right now? When will I stop missing him?

He moved away permanently so I can't hate him, or say I'm better off without. Logically I know we will both move on, but the constant missing him is the hardest. It's only been 6 days, but it feels like a month. There are daily reminders everywhere, the restaurants we ate at, passing his old street, even my own bed where we slept together. A friend called me late last night and for a split second I thought it was him calling and when I realised it wasn't, it was like getting punched in the chest. Please tell me other people have gotten through this, or are currently going through this. I won't MISS HIM FOREVER, RIGHT? HOW MUCH LONGER CAN THIS LAST?


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  • This may not seem like much hon, but believe me when i say...
    **clears throat***
    "get laid"... not just by a regular person too... just a really good one...
    It sounds crass, but you did ask how "other people have gotten through this"

    • I feel like that would help to an extent, like just moving on. But how am I supposed to find a good one for sure? if it's a bad lay, I'll only miss him even more, right?

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    • Thanks, it helps knowing other people have felt the same thing, guess it's never supposed to be easy...

    • nope. I don't use emotion and its still hard. memory cannot be controlled sadly. thats why I use distraction and i recommend the same to you. try it and see.
      you don't necessarily have to get laid, but flirting a lot helps... i know

  • You'll stop missing him when you find someone else.


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