Has anyone's ex came back after saying that they will never get back together with you?

I was wondering if anyones ex came back when they told them that they were never going to get back together with you and that they told you not to text them again.

My ex said some really hurtful things during our last conversation and I asked him if we were ever going to be together and he said no, after I said my last peace (which was an apology) he told me not to text him again. This would be the 2nd time he's broken up with me. I didn't think that he would come back this last time but I let him. I feel like he's gone for good. I tried everything I could and he just gave up on me and left me for someone else again. I'm hurt that he's done this again so I'm going to try to move on. If he does come back I won't give him the time of day. He's hurt me too many times and I'm not going fall into his trap again.


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  • It's not impossible, and does happen. Some people say things out of anger they don't truly mean, and after time to rationalize, they come around. However, you shouldn't put your life on hold waiting for the person. They're an ex for a reason, and more often than not the second go around isn't any better. Go out and have fun, and I guarantee you'll meet someone much better suited for you.

    • I'm going to learn from this and try to move on. I wasted 5 months trying to rekindle something that wasn't meant to be. I was very calm during our conversation, trying to explain things and I wasn't trying to offend him on any way as I was trying to explain my view of our past relationship. He would get upset at little things I said and he lashed out. No matter what I said it seemed like he kept getting angrier and angrier. He told me that there was nothing here for me and when I asked we're never going to be together are we he said no. It hurt to hear that because he never really gave us a chance. A part of me wants him to come back another part of me is telling me to move on and let it go. Hopefully I can move on and get over this.

    • Good for you! I guarantee the next guy will be better, and you'll be much happier. Live and learn, right?

    • Right! 😊

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