Why would you send your ex snapchat videos , selfies?

This is my ex , he blocked me on whatsapp after our breakup 1 month ago.. and out of the sudden he sends me snapchats privatly

Why would he do it?
Am confused !
I texted him 2 days ago through facebook he replied nicely to my first text then ignored the other one.. and the snapchat thing happened yesterday
He sent me a selfie through snapchat with this caption " i love my nabe and she's the one "
Is he trying to make me feel jealous?


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  • just because he dated you and you broke up doesn't mean you can't be friends..

    • But he is still blocking me in whatsapp and ignored my last text on facebook chat.. thats why am confused

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    • o, I don't know then might have accidently clicked your name?

    • No i thought so first but then i got a second one last night :/

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  • Are they snapchats that are directed to you? Or are they just sort of general snapchats that have no point?

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    • No we don't. If we see each other in person, we'll say hi but that's about it as far as contact with each other goes.

    • He just sent me a selfie pic through snap with this caption " i love my babe and she's the one "

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