Did he says these things to hurt me or was he just saying this because he has her now?

My ex and I were having a casual conversation in which he told me I wasn't going to like what was going to happen, I still proceed anyways. I was telling him that I knew that us trying to get together was over and I should just move on and he didn't say anything. I go on saying that I can't sit around waiting forever for him to decide what or who he wanted he replies, "ok move on be happy" I later asked him do you want me to move on and I get no response. I told him my thoughts on remaining friends and I asked him that is what you wanted right? No response. Then he tells me the reason that this isn't going to work is because I'm too focused on us (which started a month ago). I told him my reasoning why I have been like that and we get into an argument over our past relationship.

As usual everything that happened in the past was my fault although the things that happened were before we were official, but still he was upset. Of course I apologized and took blame like I always did. With his ex he left me for being back in the picture he really didn't seem to care to lose me again. He found dumb reasonings to let me go yet once again. He hurt me by saying that all I had left from our relationship was our memories, how his ex had his heart, how he loved her and would do anything to make her happy, he told me that there is nothing here for me so what am I doing?, and that we're never getting back together. He was being a straight up jerk! I would try to tell him how he use to make me feel and he would get upset and say I'm done talking. Our conversation ended with me apologizing one last time for the past and he told me not to text him again. My ex never wants to hear me out whether he is right or wrong. He showed no emotion when he was hurting me. I know him acting like this is going to back fire. He seems so high and mighty now that he has her back and the moment she leaves him or he gets bored he'll be back.


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  • Regardless of his intent this relationship is over forever. There will be no being friends. Stop all communication and move on. If you continue to communicate you're only setting yourself up to be hurt

    • He's done this before. He pushes me away every time she gets back into the picture. He pushed her away when he brought me back 5 months ago. Even though they aren't together I don't believe that it's truly over. He isn't consistent with the things that he says. He'll tell you to leave him alone one minute and be perfectly fine texting you the next. Something about what happened still leaves me dazed and confused. He would talk as if we could be back together and all because I said something that he didn't like now we weren't. He was going back and forth during this whole conversation.

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    • Yea. I'm moving on pretty quick I haven't contacted him since he told me not to text him again, and I haven't checked his facebook I'm done. This was the last straw for me, if he does come back I'm going to tell him to kick rocks and go back to his rebound. He doesn't deserve my love anymore.

    • No he doesn't. He had his chance and blew it

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