My ex left me and is now back trying talk to me again... Some help please?

My ex broke up with me back in July she's been with another guy since sexually too she messaged me at weekend at weekend trying talk to me took me day to get back to her as I wasn't sure what to say or do.. Turns out she can't stop thinking of me and wants me back wants try be with me again and I don't know she's questioning who Iv been talking to and seeing and giving me 20Q
i don't know what to do she keeps saying can't stop thinking about me wants try be with me again any advise here would be much appreciated heads but all over the place
also this is 3rd time she's left me and come back but first time she's sexually been with someone


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  • She will continue to leave you for other guys, then come back once they drop her, or she gets bored. Find a nice, loyal, dependable girl. You deserve better. This one obviously feels she can do better than you, so let her do her thing, and date other women. If you take her back, do not expect her to change.


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  • Please have some self-respect and move on. It's similar to that saying, "Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me." She's left a third time; what will make her stay this time? She is unstable.

    • Thank you mate

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    • Trust me, you'll find someone else. As a man, you have plenty of time.

    • Thanks mate tbh I guess it got me in a place feeling like nobody would want me

  • You are better off and deserve so much better! If it was the first time she left I would say try it... But not 3 times. She clearly just leaves and knows you will take her back. Ignore her for awhile. She will not like it.

    • She's told me every time no guy compares to myself or will treat her as good as I did and what makes me think she does this

  • Ur pride if u care about it then just ignore her forever

  • Stay away from the fucking howre

    • Yeah I think
      Use are right tbh

    • All women are bitches that play sick mind games

    • Yeah I agree with that I suppose it's tough cause how much she meant to me and everything we went through done together makes me feel like body will want me

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