How long does it take a girl to be done?

How long does it take for a girl to be completely over her relationship if she is the one that broke it off? Like how long before she decides she wants to be friends? My ex and I broke up almost 2 months ago.

She he text me yesterday asking to hang with a mural friend this weekend. Said she was sorry for being a b****. I asked if we are ok? And she said "it seems like it" what are her intentions? How long does it normally take for a female to want to be friends after a break up?


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  • Everyone heals at different times, it depends on the reason why you broke up in the first place. She's just glad you two aren't bitter towards each other, I don't think it's appropriate to just jump into being friends.

    • Right. I think I will hang just to see how it goes. But I don't think I can be friends right away.. She left because she said she felt she needed some time to find herself and be independent for once. Was not a nasty or bad break up. I supported her and told her it's ok.

  • It's different for every single girl, and some never want to be friends. It's pretty much just something she has to decide on her own, when she's ready for it. There's no exact length of time.

    • We broke up month and half ago. Been in NC for 2 weeks and she sends a text. I can't tell if she misses me or just trying to clear her conscience. We dated 2 years and it was great. She always told me how much she is in love with me, and wants to marry me. I feel it's too early for friends.

    • Then perhaps you should ask her to slow her roll.

    • Right! I think I am going I hang and test the waters. And maybe talk and tell her I feel it's too early for friends. Unless she is wanting to try to work things out.

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