Am I going crazy?

I was in an abusive relationship witha guy for a few years, and I am now with a new person who is great. I wanted to facebook stalk my ex so i created a fake account with a pretty girls face on it (cuz i know how he likes to see pretty girls on facebook) and sent him a friend request so that i can see his profile and how he's doing... is this insane? I don't know..


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  • I would delete the account and move on with your new guy. If you keep looking over your shoulder at the past, it will just follow right behind you. Yes, it was abusive but what you are doing won't help you get over it as you're carrying it with you. Put it where it belongs. In the round bin! Then love your new guy and have thoughts of him alone!


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  • Not insane, no, but I feel like if he was abusive you shouldn't be contacting him, even if it is a fake account. You got out of that situation, don't try to look back.


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