Would You Let Them Believe There's Someone Else?

If you ended a long term relationship would you let your late SO believe there was someone else?

Let's say the relationship has run its course. Things have gotten hard. You've spent the last year trying to make it work. You've tried relighting the spark, you've tried fun new date ideas, you've tried it all.

You're both emotionally exhausted from trying to fit each other into your lives. You both have gotten busy - too busy to the point where it's not fair on either of you to be together. You don't have the time that a relationship needs. And trying to find the time between work and school and your life has taken its toll on you and the relationship. It's not fair to either of you.

You tell them it's over. They are heartbroken. Because even if the relationship wasn't working completely as it should, they still felt like something would come along and turn it around and it'd be good again.

They accuse you, in their hurt, of having eyes for someone else.

You know this to be false. You deny it at first but they accuse you and start to paint you as the bad guy (or girl).

Do you continue to deny it? Or do you let them think you're the bad person in the hopes that it'll help them heal faster?
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  • Let them think I'm the bad guy
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  • Let them think I'm the bad guy

  • If the relationship is over, they are free to think what they want.


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