Guys, If he says he hates me and doesn't want anything to do with me is it just temporary?

I found my boyfriend of 8 months talking to girls online, multiple times, even setting up times to meet up with them. When I broke up with him over it each time, he begged me to work it out with him, promising to delete the accounts. I thought he was cheating on me, so I slept with some one else. He called it off, saying I am a whore and he can't associate with me anymore. We were sitting talking in his truck when he confronted me about it, and I lied about it. (Pointless even tho he knew the truth). I talked my way into spending the night at his house. He let me sleep in bed with him, and let me lay on him, and even put his arm around me, and held me a couple times. The next morning I told him the truth, and we both cried, he said I hurt him etc. I begged for another chance and he said no. Before I left he gave me a hug and a kiss and said he loved me, and agreed to go on a hike as friends in a couple days. Later that night when I tried to go get my stuff from his house he told me I wasn't welcome there, and I told him if I couldn't get my stuff I was going to call the sherriff. He had no choice but to let me in because his landlord lives on the same property, and he didn't want to make a scene. I force my way into his house and we got along fine it seemed. He was laughing and talking to me, and give me a hug, and then the next minute you didn't want anything to do with me. When I left I love him and thank you. his response was I'm glad this is finally over, I will always think of you as a lowlife lying whore, and I will be fine as soon as I put you behind me. Do I have a chance of fixing things with him? What do I do? I also pulled some crazy shit and told him that I would find his next girlfriend and break them up. He said if I love him to just let him go.
i relocated over 300 miles for him with my kids. This sucks


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  • That's so messed up on so many different levels. Both of you are cheats, yet he acts as if he is the faithful guy who has been hurt. Second, he is verbally abusive and disrespectful. Why would you want to have that back?
    Anyway, just give him time to cool down first and don't approach for a while.
    He sounds crazy enough to try and patch things up again.


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