My girlfriend decided that its better if we become friends. Whats the first thing I should do after a break up?

Long story short: We dated for ±7 months we did fight twice during that period but nothing serious About 3 hours ago i got the "its better if we stay just friends" text
I freaked out and told her i regret meeting her etc
she started begging me that she doesn't want to lose me as a friend and that from her prespective the relationship lost the spark
i just blocked her cuz i know she is already dating someone else.

i don't want her back i want to get over her.
what do i do.
(this is my first time getting dumped in a break up...)
thanks everyone for ur answers

altho i was feeling like i can survive this right after the break up

i just randomly started crying when she texted me on facebook saying she loved me and doesn't know what happened
i didn't answer and blocked her off facebook as well

just wanted to say i feel like a piece of shit crying when i am 17.


Most Helpful Girl

  • The first thing you should do is: meditate on whether you can remain just friends with an ex... someone you still have feelings for. Personally, I couldn't because I would find it too painful. You have to be an emotionally strong person to just be friends.

    Ask yourself which will cause you the greatest pain... remaining friends , and having to watch someone you love. ... love someone else. Or cutting all ties and work on letting her go.

    You can't build a happy future while you are still clinging onto the past. Holding on is much more painful than letting go. You'll never find the right person... if you never let go of the wrong one.

    Break- ups are painful. When we are going through heartbreak we go through feeling many different emotions. You have 3 choices... let your first break- up : Define you, destroy you or strengthen you. You have no control over your exes emotions or decisions , but you do have the control over how you respond to her decisions. In life... Pain is inevitible , but suffering is optional. 💜


Most Helpful Guy

  • Just do no contact for a while until you feel better. It shouldn't take too long to get over since it's only been a short while. That's messed up if she is already dating somebody else, but there's no point dwelling on it. You definitely don't need a person like that in your life.

    Just delete her number from your phone, block her email, block her Facebook, and don't talk to her at all. No contact. At least until you have had time to move on. You can always re-visit the friendship in the future, but give yourself some time.


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  • She's dating someone else and she broke up with you just 3 hours ago? Was she cheating too? I don't think you should remain friends, you have feelings for her and need time to move on. Just go out with your friends and try to have fun, don't talk to her, don't do anything. Just ignore her.

  • If it hurts you, if you're hurt by her then let her know, tell her that what you had was real and stuff, if you're mad at her don't take it out on her, just block her and ignore, if you don't want her as a friend then tell her say its not cool if use stay friends since use have dated and it'll be awkward.


What Guys Said 3

  • No need to stay friends, she made her decision, don't meet her halfway.

    Go out with your friends and do whatever.

  • It's better to ghost her and disappear. Why do you need her as a friend? You have plenty of other friends.

    • we still go to high school and she sits next to me in most classes class any advice what to do?

    • If the seats are assigned, I would ask the teacher to see if she or he can move you. If it isn't, you can either tell her to sit somewhere else or move yourself when she sits next to you.

  • No contact delete numbers ignore her


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