How do I deal with a psychotic ex attempting to manipulate me by playing the victim?

I apologise in advance for the length of this, but I'm at my wits end so I would appreciate any help. I sortof dated this girl very briefly (we met less than a dozen times, including initially just as friends). I found out she had a troubled past and has various mental health issues (is currently seeing a counsellor). She is also living in complete - and I do mean complete - squalor. She started displaying some VERY troubling behaviour towards me - MAJOR stalking (quoting things I said on social media more than a decade ago; quoting info she knew about my exes; turning up places I was even though I hadn't told her I was there etc etc) and manic depressive / mood swings. I obviously was fairly put off by all this and told her I just wanted to be friends. However, she wouldn't be friends - when we met up as friends she was obsessed with psychoanalyzing me, interrogating me, demanding to know about other girls I might have, telling me how the problems in her life were all my fault etc etc. There was only so much of that I could take. I tried reasoning with her but she just persisted so eventually I had enough of it and just stopped replying to her messages. She did not take this well. I have maybe 40-50 messages from her and she keeps sending them. They range from saying how depressed she is, to angry vengeful messages, to telling me how horrible I am etc etc. What really frightens me is that she keeps developing this psychotic narrative of what happened between us - distorting, twisting, taking out of context, exagerating etc in order to make herself look like a victim and me look like a monster :S Its really starting to upset me. I want to keep ignoring them, but I am genuinely afraid she is going to start saying that I hit her or worse. But on the other hand, I tried reasoning with her before and it didn't work so I don't know what I could say that would get her to back off or stop. I really don't know what she is capable of - I wouldn't rule out self-harm, or harming me. Just want this psycho out of my life! The level we are dealing with is that I am genuinely concerned she has some way of knowing I have an account here and will quote this back to me. Please help :(
Each message I get from her infuriates making me want to reply to her refudiating her bs claims and bs narrative of what happened. But I also think thats what she wants? To provoke a reaction out of me to get me talking to her again? But if I keep ignoring her, what will she do next?
Thanks for the replies. Yes they are text messages, but I don't think it has come to legal action just yet...


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  • Are they text messages? If so, you can use them as evidence against her in court.

    • Yea they are texts mostly. I don't think it will come to court proceedings just yet though thankfully.

    • Best to be prepared. Constant vigilance, as Mad-Eye Moody would say.

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