How do I get her back?

So my girlfriend broke up with me 6 days ago. She said she needed some time to be herself, and i should give her space. She has a lot of stuff going on, and i should have been supportive instead of pushing her like everyone and everything else. I was also very jealous and controlling, and i regret that more than anything. She was a good girl, the best in fact, and she never wanted to hurt me in any shape or form.
So i decided to give her space and time, and then change myself. However, that only lasted 3 days. Then i texted her, and she agreed to meet up. I then texted one of her bestfriends, which im very good friends with also, to have her ask my questions. Not directly from me though. Yesterday, i knew she was going to see her friend, and i listed some questions she could ask.
Then. OUT OF NOWHERE, my ex texted me, if we could meet sooner on the day we planned, because she wanted to spend more time with me. I got so happy. BUT, then it turned to shit. Literally 5 minutes later, LITERALLY, this friend just read up my questions from her phone. Surprise surprise, my ex got super pissed and extremely sad. At this point i was pretty darn drunk, not a good combo.
She then said she wanted to meet up the week after what we originally planned, and i asked why etc. I eventually called her - BIG MISTAKE - and we decided to meet on the original date.
But, i have changed. And all i fucking want is to make her happy, and for her to give me just 45 days to prove it. She says she still loves me, misses our times and still has feelings for me. But at the same time, she says stuff like "We are not a couple anymore!" and "Dont see this as a break, as we are not a couple" you get my point hopefully.
And now, here comes my question. How do i get her back? I have changed. We love eachother more than anything - we both said that when we talked on the phone. She misses our days together. She still has feelings for me. But she is still super pissed and sad, and wants space and time. How do i get her back?


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  • Give her space. Something you clearly have not been able to do. Show some discipline. I feel she may actually be interested in someone else right now but don't let that make you crazy. Stay busy with other things. You are never going to drive her back to you with these methods you've described.

    • She isn't looking for anyone else. I will ask her about that when we meet anyway. If she still loves me, misses our times and still has feelings for me. What can i do to get a second chance? And should i stick with our original date (its on wednesday) or put it out?

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    • Your efforts are counter productive. You need to recognize that and change your mental state.

    • im going to put out our appointment. What would you as a girl want? If you were in my ex's shoes

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  • Don't even meet up with your man. You have to just shut her out! It is so hard trust me. I am doing it right now!!! My ex text me the other day finally and we are going to hang WITH mural friend.. That way it's not just us. Trust me don't contact her or really talk to her art all for some of month. Let her have her space. You need it as well.

    • But we have already made the appointment? What should i then do? And i don't need space, i just need her

    • Trust me man I'm in the same situation as you. I been taking time to myself. Not contacting her. And she contacted me. Let her have her space. Don't even meet up and talk about stuff. It is only going to push her farther away!

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  • Honey, you can't possibly have changed all that much over the course of 6 days. I know that this isn't what you want to hear, but I think you two need some more time apart. Maybe in a few months you'll be able to try again, but I think that the hurt is too fresh for her to be able to trust you right now.

    What you should do in the mean time is to continue working on yourself and creating a real change into the person you want to be. This takes far longer than three days.

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    • Time, honey.

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