Heartbroken and don't know what to do?

Long term relationship, we have a kid, live together and we've been through so much together. We felt like we were just friends but we both kept trying to hang in there and hope someday it would change and suddenly feel right. But the love just wasn't there. And we didn't know until now that we both felt the same, we were both scared of hurting the other one.

All I keep doing is crying and feeling like there must have been something we could do. But the spark was never really right... I've wanted this breakup on and off for over 2 years so why do I feel so gutted? I cry every few minutes and I feel so scared for things to be different and I'm scared of being alone now even though I used to want it and envy single people so much. Has anyone been through something similar?

It's so hard when kids are involved and you both care about each other but only as friends. I thought I would feel happy and relieved but I feel like complete shit and I feel dead and horrible inside. Does anyone have any advice? I've never been through a breakup this painful before. It makes me so sad I can't stop crying even though it's the right thing to do. Why would I be so incredibly sad if it's the right thing?


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  • This is the horrible feeling of falling out of love

    • Thanks :( it's just so hard. If it's the right decision then why am I cryin so much? It sucks

    • You're crying because of the memories and what this love once was and perhaps, wondering where it all went wrong. At what point did you both stop doing the little things...

    • Yeah :(

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