What to do here im so confused please help?

I was going out withs girl until she text me we need to talk she said she needs to work on herslef and college. The thing that is confusing me is how am i getting in the way of that we barley seen eacthoer and we where going perfect until she said that im just really confused and need some advice


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  • meaning she has to figure out her life since there is so much going on with college and herself. just let her think and find situations to her problems. you can support and talk to her about it if you're so concerned about it

  • She's just letting u down easily. She doesn't want to hurt ur feelings...

    • But why we were getting on so good

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    • Well thats not good she is the first girl I've took a likeing to in 2 years and that I've got as far as rs with is there anything i can do to make it work

    • I agree with Amandalynn1930 I think that she has lost interest but is trying to be polite about it instead of honest.

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