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Last year I had a huge crush on this guy who I sat next to in math class. We used to joke around a lot and I could tell that he got me and liked me. Later that year, I told him my feelings, but he straight out rejected me. Ever since then, I've been feeling vulnerable around him like he can see everything about me by just looking at me. Whenever he walks by I feel embarressed and naked even though we never had sex and the most touching we've ever done on each other was tickling. Can someone please tell me how to stop feeling all of this when I see him at school and why I feel this way since it's been awhile since he rejected me (almost a year)?


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  • Most people get rejected at some point in their life so there's no need to feel embarrassed. You should feel proud of having the strength to tell someone your feelings and that you stood up for something you felt passionate about. There's no shame in that. None whatsoever! He's literally like one guy among billions so what is his mere opinion to you? Absolutely nothing. Do not let one person have such a effect on you. Take him down from that pedestal and realize he's a human like everyone else and he'll probably get rejected too at some point. Don't put so much emphasis on another human being. Put the emphasis on yourself.

    • Thank you! (Sorry this is late) I haven't checked my account in a while...

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