How can I get my ex (son's father) back??

Me and my ex were together for 7 years on and off. We have been through hell and back..(Cheating, abuse, lying, arguing) towards the end we had a son together. We broke up this past Christmas due to more fighting and drama. Since then we have slept together about 3 times. However, I know that he is seeing someone else. He says we have too many issues and he wants to see what else is out there for him. It wasn't until he left that I realized how much I love him and want him back. I have sent him an email and poured my heart out but he won't come back. However, when he comes to get his son, we sometimes end up sleeping together and having a good time. Minus the BS we had in our past..we were best friends so I miss him a lot. I don't know how to read him tho. If he has a new girl, why is he still sleeping with me? If he doesn't want me or want to come back then why? Is he trying to see if we can get better or what? Please help and give advice on what I can do to get him back! Thanks!


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  • It sounds to me he is using you for sex. You have a lot of history and passion which makes it hot...dont do it anymore ! He has a Girlfriend or w.e and he can get sex from her. You don't need another child by this man. If you want him back...stop sleeping with him and give him cold shoulder..he may realize that he misses you and come around. Make him jealous and tell him you're going on a date woth another man. See how he reacts. He cannot be sleeping with you while having another girl on the side...when you take something away from a man; he will realize what he's missing. cause rihgt now he's got it all so he doesn't need to get back with you. Make him fight for you and want you!


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