Does my ex still have feelings for me or is it just joking around?

Okay, so my ex (we can call him Alex), we broke up 1 month ago... after an almost 3-month relationship. I broke up with him because hearing things about him from other people didn't mix well with my insecurities. I didn't want to break up with him, but my brain took everything to heart and thought it was best. In my opinion I've never been happier than when I was dating Alex. I got into a new relationship awhile after we broke up, and that relationship just ended because I realised that I do still have feelings for Alex and I'm not sure what to do now. It seems like he's flirting with me. (Physical and verbal) He grabs my waist sometimes,"accidently" holds my hand for a couple seconds, sleeps on my shoulder a lot, mentions a lot of things we did while dating, and a lot more. He acts almost exactly how he acted while we were dating. I'm just really confused right now about the whole situation. I do still have feelings for him and I do miss him. I should probably mention that he does have a girlfriend right now. It's long distance, I haven't flirted back because he does have a girlfriend and that's wrong. I just want some advice. I feel conflicted right now and I don't know what to do. Alex dated a girl after me. They dated for almost a week, then broke up for reasons I don't know. They're still friends. He always says that he wants to be nice to his exes, but he doesn't act the same around her like he does with me. I'm just really confused and I need hep. If anyone has an answer or can help me better understand the conversation that would be really helpful. Thank you!


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  • Move on. This guy wants everything. And you made a good move by leaving your ex. Put some distance between you and alex so you can heal and move on. If not you guys are playing with fire. You both made the decision to move on and have other people involved. Its not just about you guys anymore. Have respect for the relationship he has with his girlfriend and back up. At least for now but i wouldn't suggest waiting for them to brake up because Thats sad and you deserve someone who will want you and only you. Be strong i know it's hard but walk away with dignity.


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