Help!!! I'm trying to get with this guy but he works so much, is it clearly impossible?


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  • Of course Anything IS possible here, dear. However, if it starts off on the wrong foot where he can't find the time to even give you his time of day Because of That Way, then just think what would happen, should he put you on his list of "Once in a blue moon" Get togethers on his own time.
    I have been in That same scenario, where every few weeks, if I was lucky, he would pencil me in for a little Missing the Kissing and after the Cold Fact... I never knew when I might see him for awhile with his smile nor if the sun might shine that time.
    Good luck. xx

    • Even though he tells me that he's sorry and whatnot. He did tell me that he works a lot

    • Yes, the "I'm sorrys" are told and any explanation to keep you in a back pocket so you may have the patience for them to find some convenient time to be together on their... One day off a week. xx

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  • You are willing to make due with less attention than anything is possible. But it all depends on you now (assuming he wants anything with you)

    • We'll we have been hanging out so I clearly think he does

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    • Look, you either accept that he's going to be busy and live with it or you don't.

    • I'm asking if it was my fault If maybe he was just doing what I told him

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