How should I get over my ex girlfriend?

how should I get over my ex girlfriend Ashley? should I grab her butt or grab one of her boobs and tell her I'm sorry?


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  • haha go for the butt and kind of pull her in. lol

    • Ok, but she still did cheat on me with some other guy. I guess I can forgive her if she can break up with her new guy. then she can tell me she is sorry and that she won't do it again. then I can just slap her butt and grab her boobs and kiss her.

    • Hmm that kind of changes everything..she doesn't deserve a ass grab or a boob gradb.

    • Well, her ass is really squishy and I can't go against that. she got really flirty with me and she promised never to cheat on me again.

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  • Umm... Yeah Don't Grab Her Boob...Or Butt.

    Just Tell Her That Your Sorry... That Is The Best Thing You Could Possibly Do.

  • Tell her that you are sorry.


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