Why can't I get over him?

I can't seem to get over my ex. No matter what I do! Since we've broken up I've gotten laid by 2 guys. Both very well endowed. But I'm still in love with my ex! I thought sex would help me move on and apparently I was wrong. Ugh I don't know what to do!! My ex is sending me mixed signals too making me think there's still a chance. I fucking HATE this. I've never been so stuck in my life! Help me! >:(


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  • What kind of signals is he sending?

    • He sent me a friends request from a fake profile (I know it's him the name gave it away) personal joke... And on the timeline was subliminal messages. The profile was so obviously fake it's ridiculous I know it was him. Plus I asked a psychic if that was him they said yes and they also said he still has deep and sincere feelings for me

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    • We broke up back in June or July. He basically was living a double life. His wife caught him cheating with me I had no idea he was married. Married with three kids. I was furious at him when I found out. I just can't seem to get over him no matter how hard I try and believe me I'm doing all I can think of! But my heart is hurting soo badly. And him making that fake profile to still be in my life just completely fucked me up.

    • Okay giiiirl, that man is batshit crazy. Be happy that you've broken up. Good riddance!
      Cheating while married with kids, then make a fake persona? He sounds like drama too me.

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