Husband of 12 years, abandoned us 6 months ago. Will he come and beg me to come back?

He left us and has been spending several hours a day chatting to a separated women at his work.

he has never phoned, texted or asked about us since he left. He has asked the kids if I was "coping" though
He was slightly bothered about my new boyfriend (he called him a downgrade)

he has since said he doesn't love me and that we had a bad marriage, however, he also gets upset that I have total disdain for him and that I never tried to get him back.

Any ideas?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Will he come back and beg you to take him back? After 6 months, nope!

    1. File for divorce
    2. Sue him for child support
    3. As much as it hurts, put as much emotional distance between him and you!
    4. Do your best to help your children. Do NOT make excuses for him, with them, nor tell them what you think is the reason for him leaving. They'll see that on their own.
    5. When you're able, look for a different guy to spend your life with.

    That has got to hurt so much for both your kids and you to lose your husband the way he did that. I'm so sorry.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well why chase someone who left you? He's the one in the wrong and he has no right to be upset if you don't go running after him. I'm not sure if he will come back, only time will tell. It really shows someones true colours though, I mean he could leave you but doesn't mean he should leave his children.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Any ideas? Yeah. Forget him.

  • Divorce him and get child support.


What Girls Said 1

  • Nope.
    He is only upset because, "never tried to get him back. "


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