Moving on from a relationship / friendship?

Long story short.. Known this girl 3 years, she finished school and decided to move on with her liffe and leave her past behind.

I sent her a mesage on my Bday to tell her my plans of moving closing to family and friends. and received a nice happy belated birthday, I think that is a great move on your part and wish you great luck luck with that and take good care.

I do realy care about her as she's always been there for me in the past, but she has been always mysterious and private.

For those have gone through seperation anxiety form a friend or ex did it take a long tie to cope or move on with your life for the better?


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  • It's always sad to part ways with someone you care for, but on the first place, you guys can keep in touch, though I know it's not the same since you won't be able to see each other often, and you never know what could happen in the future. You can even go visit her some time.

    • Thanks for the encouraging words! I've always felt she does care otherwise she would have ceased communication on FB. And I always try to stay positve and maybe Ill measge her at Christmas to see how she is

    • Sure, I hope everything turns out fine :)

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