How do I get over something I can't change?

I only have maybe 4 friends and im a senior in college. I never joined a sorority, which i regret, because now i see that i would have flourished in one, i love being around people and making people laugh and having a sense of unity. I get so sad when i see girls in sororities and guys in frats hanging out because im excluded from that and i think if i had joined it would have solved a lot of my lonliness issues. What do i do? i get a lot of anxiety when i go to campus now cause im always alone and i just keep thinking about how much better my life could have been.


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  • I wasn't in a fraternity but did well in the girl department. It was something else in college that occupied my mind (I would be better if I had THAT). It wasn't until decades later that I realized none of it really mattered. I think you might be focusing on the wrong stuff to explain your situation.

    Hmmm, consider carefully these questions, you may want to ask your 4 friends what they think because outsiders see you in a different light than you see yourself.
    1. Are you approachable? Do you seem like a person who would warmly greet a stranger with a smile or joke back?
    2. Do you have anything really off-putting, like do you talk about yourself for hours on end or do you have radical viewpoints that concern most who talk to you?


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  • You have to accept what you can't change. There's no other alternative. Although you can't go back and start again, you can start now by making positive changes in your life.

    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so you have to put yourself in uncomfortable situations to prevent your anxiety controlling your life. It is difficult to do, but with effort and motivation it can be achieved.

    Face your fears and take back control of your life, so in the future you no longer have to look back with anymore deep regrets.

    Your body reacts to what you think about. So
    challenge your negative thoughts when you feel anxious, and turn them in to positive thoughts. 💚


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