Why did it take so long to realise I even missed this girl?

i haven't even seen her since the end of summer , was the last time i saw her at local pub in town. i had seen her there a number of times during the summer and had been talking to her there a bunch of times. our friendship was never that serious but she was still someone i enjoyed seeing even though she was a bit younger than me . i also felt at the time she might like me and had given off some signs indicating so. but i didn't really pursue it much further. i hadn't really though much of her since the summer ended and not really even sure what she is up to other than she was away finishing a course at college. some reason the last day or so i sort of wondered what she was up to and did miss her. i guess my question was why it took so long for this feeling to set in as she's been gone for a couple months now.


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  • You never miss them until they're gone... That's how the saying goes, and I believe that's true in this case.

    • guess but she has been gone for several months , I haven't seen her at that bar since the summer so its not exactly recent. but maybe it took a while for me to realise she really was gone

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