Ex of four years randomly followed me on social media, then un-followed... Why?

My ex and I dated for 4 years. We were close to marriage, I was her first for everything, sex, love, etc. We broke up almost 2 years back and since then we dated other people. Recently upon checking my Instagram and Tumblr I saw that she was following me. Baffled, I checked my email and realized she's been following me for two days, so I follow back just to see if she would say hello. (She has a boyfriend and I'm talking to someone.)

I thought she finally wanted to have an adult conversation, because she said numerous times we would never be friends because she couldn't do it. It ended badly so we broke off communcation. Well right after I followed her back she unfollowed me on both social media sites. My question is: why follow me in the first place, only to unfollow me? Also what does it mean? I don't think it's that easy accidentally follow someone on certain social media sites.


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  • I am just guessing but you probably meant a lot to her and she wasn't expecting you to follow her back or even notice that she was following you. She probably freaked out and was embarrassed.

  • I've done this to my ex where I'll follow him on instagram and he'll follow me and then I unfollow him because I either want his attention or be a stalker and look through what I've missed sort of a hit and miss cycle she's playing.

    Please would you answer mine



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