He unblocks me after I told him that I didn't want to just cut off all contact and become strangers. Does that mean that he still cares/loves me?

He blocked you immediately after the breakup and it was very abrupt. I broke up with him by the way because it wasn't working out and we had broken up before. Now we didn't talk for about a week and i decided to break the silence and try to contact him , he sounded angry and he didn't want to listen to what i had to say and hung up on me but after a couple of minutes he called back and we talked for a bit and then he unblocked me from whatsapp.


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  • No he wants to stay strangers. Like it never happened. That's why he unblocked you.

  • I think it's not over between you two. You broke up with him, than why would you contact him again? Maybe he is upset with the fact you broke up with him, but later you gave him hope with your call and this is why he unblocked you.

    • I contacted him because i didn't want us to just become strangers like we never knew each other. The break up was abrupt and there was hardly time to clarify.

    • Dont expect a guy to stay friends when u dump him

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